Welcome to the Highlanders Baseball Travel program! Home fields are Horner Park Chicago, IL  For those of you new to travel baseball, please find below, information to help you learn about our competitive summer baseball program

The Highlanders Baseball travel program was created to give players the opportunity to play travel baseball at an affordable cost, while staying competitive and becoming student athletes. 


Highlanders Baseball travel is for players that are looking for a competitive baseball experience.  The teams play other travel teams located throughout the City, Surrounding Suburbs and other states depending on their tournament.  At least half of the league games will be played at home and away games could be up to 30 min to 2 hours away, with possible out of state tournaments. Players can expect to either have a game or practice 2-4 days per week, depending on their game schedule.  Players are required to attend all games and practices.


 Each player is expected to strive for academic as well as athletic excellence to become a student athlete.  A player's class work and performance in school take precedence over baseball. All players are expected to perform well academically, to complete their homework and studying first so as not to interfere with their commitment to baseball. Should the player be unable to attend practice to complete academic responsibilities, the parent should communicate this directly to the manager.  While academics take priority, it is not acceptable to repeatedly miss practice due to school workloads. Those are the struggles of a student athlete. 


The travel managers are recommended by the travel director. At the end of each year, Managers will sit down with the travel director and evaluate the past season. 


Players should plan to participate on all scheduled tryout days for their age group. If a player cannot make all days, you must contact the manager for your age group in advance to let them know why. In travel baseball, not all players will make the team, some players will be cut. Players will be evaluated in hitting, pitching, fielding, throwing and base running. Rosters will be selected by the coaching staff based on the players’ skill assessment ratings along with specific needs of the team.


The travel program is competitive-level baseball, which requires a commitment from both the player and the player’s family. Tryouts are usually held at the Managers discretion. Practices start in late fall/early winter for most teams. (Depending on the coach & teams) Most teams will begin their summer season in late February/early March. Tournaments usually begin the first week of April, and generally concluded end of July. (Again, this is based on individual teams and age groups) From mid-April through late July, players and families should expect to practice and or play games multiple times during the week and multiple games on the weekend. We try to be flexible and work with other spring activities, but Spring/Summer baseball should be the primary emphasis.
Rosters are kept to a minimum, to maximize playing time during every game. If a player and their family are not willing to make a full-time commitment to the program, they should probably consider just playing house league.
If you do plan on playing travel baseball and not making a full-time commitment, your child could be taking a roster spot away from a player who is willing to make a 100% commitment to the program. Missing games could result in less playing time. The intensity of the program depends on the Manager and the collective intentions of the team’s parents.

Expenses of Travel Baseball:

Expect to spend $300-$2000 per player depending on the age group and the season that each team will haveNo refunds will be given once your child is assigned to a team. Any refunds given before hand (assigned to a team) and were done on a charge card will be minus the transaction fee.


Highlanders Baseball teams will participate in several tournaments throughout the summer within the community and surrounding suburbs. It is not uncommon to travel out of town for a tournament during the summer, planned at the coach’s discretion. Most ”tournaments” play a minimum of 3 games before the playoff/championship rounds, and it is very possible that multiple games will be scheduled in a single day.